I take the privacy of my clients very seriously and will never use or retain details without express permission. All reports and research is confidential and I will not share these without a client's written permission.

As a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists and the Association of Professional Genealogists, I am bound to their code of ethics.



We will discuss your requirements and specific questions at our initial consultation.

I will check availability of records and gauge the volume of work required. I will ask you for all the information that you already have, including any results of research carried out by any other professional genealogist or researcher. This will help prevent any duplication of research, which will save both time and money.

I will provide an estimate of the time and cost of the research, we can then prioritise your objectives and how they will be best accomplished.



If, after the estimate has been provided, you wish to commission me to undertake the work, I will ask you to sign a contract. This protects both yourself and Karen Young Genealogy, as it confirms our obligations to each other.



Before I begin any research, I will ask you if you want to have any potentially sensitive issues excluded from the research I present to you. These may include the following: -

· Family events: such as bigamy or illegitimacy.

· Legal events: such as bankruptcy or imprisonment.

· Medical events: such as insanity, or causes of death (including murders and suicides).

It should be noted, however, that the exclusion of some of these events may lead to an incomplete picture of the family. This can be discussed at any time before the work is completed to help decide what you want included, and the potential impact of that on the final documentation produced.



There are occasions when research does not provide much or any information about an individual. This happens for a number of reasons, such as the records being unavailable, a change of name or families simply not registering events.

All research, even that which does not yield positive results, will be charged. However, I will keep a record of all unsuccessful searches and provide these as part of the completed research. This will allow both you and I (and any future researcher who may be engaged) to see what research was attempted to prevent any duplication of future work.

If it is clear that I cannot meet your objectives in the agreed time I will discuss the alternatives with you.



Once a report is complete you become the owner in its physical form. However, all reports created as part of the research remain the copyright of Karen Young Genealogy and express written permission must be sought to publish any part of this history in any format, printed or electronic. This protects my professional integrity and credits me with having completed the research.

In addition, images included in any report may be subject to third-party copyright and should not be reproduced or sold on in any way without the express written permission of the copyright holder.



I charge an hourly rate for individual research and report preparation. I also charge expenses e.g. birth, marriage and death certificates, postage at cost.

I ask for a deposit in advance of any research work (usually 50% of the estimated cost) and the remaining amount upon completion (before sending the report on to you). If for some reason the final cost of the work is less than the deposit paid, a refund of the unused amount will be returned.



Cancellation of the research may be initiated by me or the client by the terms set out in the contract.



While I will do my best to verify the records accessed during research, I cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies contained within those records. The accuracy of the record depends on the record creator and the information available to them at this time.


These terms and conditions are reviewed regularly. Last updated January 2018.